Very few successful businesses today can exist without software. This alone answers the need for Software. YsecIT scope of work for Software Development begins from Conceptualising to Supplying, Installing and Managing Software programs. The software's designed and built by us include everything required for a firm and technologically rich environment in any business. YsecIT Software Development service includes -

  • Application, Architecture, Analysis and Design
  • Package Software Selection + Solution Design and Documentation
  • Software Development, Testing, Deployment and Documentation
  • Security Issues Analysis, Audits and Recommendations.


Our team of web developers ensure that your website is customised to support your business and provide enhanced user experience. By providing a user experience that can amaze a visitor and will stay in their minds is the one that serves the purpose. By implementing latest techniques and along with our innovation, the result is an attractive website.

YsecIT also undertakes website hosting for you. This would ensure that your entire website is handled under one roof, mainly development and hosting.


Our database services include analysis, design, development and implementation for corporate/business unit data marts and data transformation solutions. We also provide report generation and data query scripting services. These also include:

  • Installation and Database Upgrade Services
  • Storage Allocation and Database Sizing
  • Database Structure and Infrastructure modifications
  • User and Security Management
  • Performance Management and Query Optimization
  • Backup and Recovery Strategies
  • Data Replication and Data Loading Strategies
  • Database Development


The next service provided from YsecIT includes Network Infrastructure. Network Infrastructure refers to hardware and software resources of a network that enables connectivity, operations, management and communication of an enterprise network. Our Network Infrastructure process involves assessment, standards definition, implementation, management and support focused on enterprise architecture, server, data storage, connectivity, security and desktop services. We provide the following facilities under Network Infrastructure:

  • Network Solution Development and Implementation
  • Network Performance Monitoring and Tuning
  • Network System Administration
  • On-going Network Management (On site, Off-site, Outsourced and Staffing)
  • Performance Measurement and Reporting Definition
  • Root Cause Diagnostics
  • Backup and Recovery Strategy Development
  • Network Capability, Capacity, and Security Assessments
  • Assessment of Current Network Architecture